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Multi-Track Stems

We all have to start somewhere, and practise makes perfect. Feel free to use this resource to work on your mixes!
These multi-tracks are from my archive of recordings, and are used with permission from the artists. 

‘001’ - SomeSuch (Ambient)

S K E T C H E S (1).png

This track was created in a 24-hour challenge, and was intended to be consumed in an art gallery setting alongside visual mediums. Due to the nature of its creation, ‘001’ is short but musically dense - playing with spatial elements is the key to making this track shine.

‘W.C.B.J’ - LURE (Electronic/Pop)


Recorded as part of an assignment for university in 2017, these dry edit stems are ready to mix. Featuring a hybrid live/electronic drum kit, along with synths, guitar, and male vocals - ‘White Castle Burger Joint’ will be uniquely challenging.