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A sample of my previous builds.
My approach to hardware design is founded in my creative process. Ideas for a build can often be traced back to my roles as a musician & sound engineer - which allows a multidisciplinary perspective when working towards a solution.

My foundation in music & creative practice offers a unique position within the realm of hardware design; if you’d like to find out more, follow the link below.

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MELD is the culmination of a three-year degree in Commercial Music Technology. An amalgam of ‘traditional’ interfaces & new interactive technologies; MELD harnesses the power of VST’s to give music-makers access to their favourite sounds & effects - without the need for a computer.

MELD is a collaborative project, with Caleb Sircombe. Currently a prototype, MELD will be showcased at Exposure 2018.

ART Preamp Stand

A flat-pack style design, the ART Preamp Stand was designed to be lightweight & portable, whilst still robust. The ART Preamp Stand uses interlocking parts, meaning that there are no screws involved - only tongue & groove with plugs.


Custom APC40

A long-term tendency of tinkering led me to take apart my oldest MIDI controller. Initially a repair job on some faulty encoders, the project evolved into an entire overhaul of the enclosure. The brief was to allow more creative MIDI mappings, and to enhance the aesthetic, akin to more retro/70’s/80’s designs. A new paint job served to update the colour palette & remove interface descriptions, with bespoke knob caps & wooden trim further reinforcing the aesthetic.